The World Refinery Database provides an in-depth, historical and forward looking view of the global refining industry to help you understand evolving market dynamics and gain a competitive edge.

Why it matters

  • Analyze specific refineries, or get a regional, national or global perspective with up-to-date and historic information for every refinery in the world
  • Quickly retrieve, download and integrate data in to your own models, and develop confident trading, investment, or risk management strategies
  • Delivering capacity data by unit and configuration, detailed ownership status and history, and refinery-by-refinery crude slate, yields and outages data

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A critical tool, whatever your trade


Gain a comprehensive view of the full process flow and make better information trading decisions, with access to outage, capacity, runs and yields data for crude and refined products.

Strategic Planner

Get a complete view of yields and strengthen your margins, with granular information at unit level and access to our analysts' considered view on capacity projects.

Hedge Fund Analyst

Make confident investment decisions, with access to meticulously maintained historic and forward looking ownership and capacity data which enables detailed company level mapping for every refinery in the world.

Senior Management

Quickly access your competition and get a singe view by company, region or facility, with our dynamic dashboard with aggregates critical downstream data in one place.

Midstream Analyst

Gain the most detailed understanding of company, regional and national production,  with robust yield data by refinery, which can be aggregated up to your chosen level of detail.


  • Provide a census of every refinery in the world, giving you valuable new perspectives and the confidence to analyze the industry from any angle.
  • Assess capacity with detailed data for 60+ unit types, you're equipped to analyze every possible element of capacity for all refineries worldwide.
  • Provide a complete view of the entire downstream value chain - from crude inputs to detailed product outputs - you're armed with the data you need to preform highly sophisticated forward looking analysis at the refinery level.
  • Assess your competitors' relative positions in the industry, with access to the most robust ownership and operator data for every refinery in the world. 


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