The World Oil Supply Data Portal is a powerful, best-of-its-kind resource that delivers PIRA's forecasts of global oil supply data broken down by location, type, and quality.

Why it matters

  • Offers clients access to the detailed supply assumptions that underlie PIRA's global oil market balances and price forecasts
  • Allows clients to track latest supply developments by specific areas of interest
  • Incorporates insights from PIRA's experts across energy markets

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  • Access PIRA’s latest world liquids supply forecast, including assumptions on disruptions, maintenance and spare capacity in over 150 countries
  • See short-term monthly supply forecasts or long-term annual supply forecasts
  • Get development and production cost data for over 800 supply elements
  • Drill down to view specific components of liquids supply, such as shale crude, bitumen, syncrude, deepwater, condensate, NGLs, and biofuels, among others
  • View crude and condensate production forecasts by quality with specific API, sulfur, TAN, and 650+ values
  • Obtain forecast data based on extensive research by PIRA, the leader in global supply-demand analysis


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