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PIRA's services gives clients both the big picture perspective on significant longer-term environmental regulatory and market developments as well as up-to-date, detailed data and analysis needed to make informed near-term decisions.

Why it matters

  • Understand how policies to reduce energy sector environmental impacts and emissions drive changes that affect your bottom line
  • Develop a view of how market-based environmental policy mechanisms and the value they put on clean energy affect operating and investment decisions
  • Identify the complex set of economic, regulatory and legal risks that accompany new regulatory actions
  • Uncover the story behind the numbers and get insights into the commercial drivers along the value chain
  • Know the industry backdrop for evaluating commodity and equity investments

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What we offer

PIRA offers a wide variety of energy research products and services. Contact us today to see how we can tailor a solution that is right for your business.


Fixed-frequency reports and as-events-dictate bulletins keep you current on trends in environmental regulations and markets.

  • Analysis of and forecasts for regional emissions trading systems (EU ETS, WCI, RGGI, CSAPR, etc)
  • Coverage of North American greenhouse gas developments, including special studies of the EPA’s Clean Power Plan
  • Assessments of emerging global carbon policy efforts and markets
  • U.S. environmental regulatory tracking and analysis of topical trends and current events
  • Renewables credit (REC) market outlooks
  • Fracking policy monitor
  • Analysis of topical trends and current events

Data tools

Interactive models and comprehensive datasets underpin PIRA’s analysis and offer user-defined research.

  • Emissions market price forecasts
  • CO2 emissions projections by country
  • WCI/RGGI emissions data, auction bidders and summary statistics
  • Canada emissions data
  • Western Climate Initiative auction bidders and summary statistics
  • Scrubber, SCR, DSI, and other control costs


Clients can access the analysts and consultants behind PIRA’s content creation and get customized insight.

  • Phone & email access to the GHG and environmental markets teams, with key industry, regulatory and legal experience
  • Private client conference calls
  • Client seminars held in New York, London, Germany, Calgary and Singapore
  • Cross-fuel training workshop
  • Bespoke project consulting
  • Visits to PIRA’s offices


PIRA clients get desktop and mobile access to our analysis, data and research tools.



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PIRA hosts a variety of events each year, for clients and non-clients alike. They are ideal forums for direct interaction with the consultants and data analysts who prepare PIRA’s reports and forecasts. In addition to hearing our latest thinking, participants also get a hands-on tutorial on our approach and methodology behind our content creation, arming them with essential know-how to build their own models and forecasts. And because of PIRA’s wide reach and devoted clientele, these events are also an excellent networking opportunity.