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How Will the Oil Market Cope with Changing Bunker Fuel Specs?

The timing of the IMO’s planned reduction in the sulfur content for global bunker fuels will have a significant impact on oil product prices and the costs associated with compliance. PIRA’s experts will discuss this issue and many others at our New York Client Seminar in October. To find out about PIRA’s events, click here.

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PIRA is a global partner to the most prestigious and influential businesses across the energy market value chain. This group of executives, planners, strategists, traders, analysts, and government officials share in a rich community of world-class knowledge.

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  • 25/30Largest National Oil Companies
  • 25/25Largest Global Refiners
  • 15/20Largest Global Investment Banks
  • 19/20North American Power and Gas Marketers
  • 15/20Largest North American E&P Companies
  • 26/30Largest North American Refiners
  • 21/25U.S. Gas and Electric Utilities Companies
  • 23/30Largest Global Oil and Gas Companies in the U.S.
  • 15/15U.S. Petroleum Refining Companies


S&P Global Platts University

S&P Global Headquarters, 37th Floor, Bayview roomNew York, NY, USA

We are proud to launch a series of Platts University sessions geared to better arm you with the knowledge you need in this competitive industry. If you want a keen understanding of the landscape, fundamental drivers, market mechanisms, price dynamics, and function of global energy markets, S&P Global Platts University is a sound investment. Understanding Global Oil Markets provides an intensive, in-depth look at market fundamentals and pricing. It starts by focusing on S&P Global Platts Analytics perspective on supply/demand fundamentals and refining trends. The program then demonstrates how we incorporates that information to develop its own forecasts of near- and long-term crude and product prices and margins. In addition to covering fundamental drivers of price, the course also includes an extensive discussion of the role of speculators, the impact of geopolitical issues and other risk factors, and the development of long-term price scenarios. Check out the Platts University global page.

Register Now Registration deadline - Dec 1, 2018

S&P Global Platts University

At the MEEPEC venue: Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Taking place the 2 days before the MEEPEC conference. While most training programs provide instruction on the technical aspects of crude production and refining, S&P Global Platts University provides unique insights into the industry’s commercial aspects and their bearing on market movements. The instructors are our full-time energy analysts and pricing experts who have spent most of their careers in the energy industry, as economists, engineers, or analysts. Their collective energy market experience, knowledge and expertise form the foundation of S&P Global Platts University. Our University instructors share the real-world market perspective needed to help you analyze data and interpret news events and understand their impact on prices. Platts University is a sound investment for any energy market participant who wants to be armed with a keen understanding of the landscape, fundamental drivers, market mechanisms, price dynamics, and function of global energy markets.

Register Now Registration deadline - Dec 7, 2018