PIRA University Training Seminars

About "PIRA U."

PIRA University was established in 2003 in response to the numerous requests from clients for PIRA to provide individual and company-specific training on a wide range of topics related to energy markets. PIRA University offers several different programs focusing on global oil, natural gas, coal and environmental markets. These programs — held in various key energy hubs throughout the world and open to PIRA and non-PIRA clients alike — are designed for beginner- to intermediate -level analysts, marketers, traders, and planners, as well as senior managers and executives who wish to receive a refresher course on energy market concepts and practices.

What makes PIRA’s training seminars different?

While most training programs provide instruction on the technical aspects of crude production and refining, PIRA provides unique insights into the industry’s commercial aspects and their bearing on market movements. The instructors are PIRA’s full-time energy consultants, who have spent most of their careers in the energy industry, as economists, engineers, or analysts. Their collective energy market experience, knowledge and expertise form the foundation of PIRA U. and its proven ability to help students build a solid framework for analyzing data, interpreting news events and policy announcements — even weather fluctuations — and to understand their impact on prices. In sum, PIRA U.is a sound investment for any energy market participant who wants to be armed with a keen understanding of the landscape, fundamental drivers, and function of global energy markets.