Multi-Client Studies

In addition to its core retainer services, PIRA also delves deep into specific market topics through periodic multi-client studies.  Focusing on current major energy markets, regions or issues, PIRA’s multi-client studies deliver in-depth research by working with clients to understand their specific interests and needs. The studies go beyond what regular retainer services or reports might cover and identify key developments and market changes, and their anticipated impact on prices.

Each study is led by a team of PIRA’s highly experienced experts who provide findings and recommendations that can immediately be applied to the work of the client’s organization. A study’s production generally involves four to 10 months of research, forecasting, and analysis.

Multi-client studies enable companies to obtain critical energy intelligence at a fraction of the cost of conducting the study themselves.

Each study typically includes:

  • Comprehensive written report with an executive summary
  • A live workshop or "webinar" with PIRA’s energy experts
  • Access to an online database
  • Online presentation via WebEx

Recent PIRA Multi-Client Studies: