PIRA Add-on Services

In addition to its Retainer Services — which provide a series of reports, data, seminars, briefings, etc. that delve into a particular fuel or sector — PIRA offers specialized products that delve into specific market sectors. These "add-on" services feature coverage of refineries, energy demand, freight and so on. They are often (though not always) less expensive than a retainer, providing a cost-effective alternative to a full retainer service. And since PIRA retainer clients enjoy discounts on all added services, these products can be an economical way to enhance a client's coverage.

Click on the links below for more information on each add-on service:

World Oil Supply Data Portal

World Refinery Data Portal

Energy Price Portal

Oil Producer Marketing Service

World Energy Demand Forecast Portal

Freight Market Outlook

U.S. Coal Market Forecast

N.A. Electricity Daily Demand Report

End-User Gas Price Service

Renewable Energy Forecasting Service

Gas Weather Outlook