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The Global Impact of NGL Supply Growth:

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Regulating Carbon:

Impacts of the EPA's Final Clean Power Plan Options

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U.S. LNG Exports Set Sail Soon. When Does the Market?

The U.S. is on the verge of becoming a major exporter of liquefied natural gas. Watch PIRA’s experts discuss how this will happen and how it will affect global and local markets.

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PIRA is a global partner to the most prestigious and influential businesses across the energy market value chain. This group of executives, planners, strategists, traders, analysts, and government officials share in a rich community of world-class knowledge.

  • 25/30Integrated International Oil Companies
  • 25/30Largest National Oil Companies
  • 25/25Largest Global Refiners
  • 15/20Largest Global Investment Banks
  • 19/20North American Power and Gas Marketers
  • 15/20Largest North American E&P Companies
  • 26/30Largest North American Refiners
  • 21/25U.S. Gas and Electric Utilities Companies
  • 23/30Largest Global Oil and Gas Companies in the U.S.
  • 15/15U.S. Petroleum Refining Companies



Steigenberger Frankfurter HofFrankfurt, 60313, Germany
+49 69 215-02

PIRA’s European Market Workshop helps market participants understand the broader picture of supply/demand fundamentals in Continental European and global markets. While keeping a pan-European and global approach, the Workshop also details fundamentals by country, including Germany and its main energy trading partners.

Download Agenda Register Now Registration deadline - Mar 11, 2016

PIRA University

Four Seasons HotelHouston, TX, USA

Understanding Global Oil Markets provides an intensive, in-depth look at market fundamentals and pricing. It starts by focusing on PIRA’s perspective on supply/demand fundamentals and refining trends. The program then demonstrates how PIRA incorporates that information to develop its own forecasts of near- and long-term crude and product prices and margins. In addition to covering fundamental drivers of price, the course also includes an extensive discussion of the role of speculators, the impact of geopolitical issues and other risk factors, and the development of long-term price scenarios.

Download Agenda Register Now Registration deadline - May 1, 2016

SPS Roundtable

Four Seasons Hotel at Park LaneLondon, England

One of two annual Scenario Planning Roundtables (the other is held in Houston), this gathering provides an opportunity for participants to discuss energy market scenarios directly with the PIRA SPS team, dialogue over specific key concerns, and define additional scenarios of interest. The London Roundtable will also feature in-depth sessions on special topics that have a bearing on market outlooks.

Client Seminar

London Hilton Park LaneLondon, United Kingdom

Held each spring in London, the European Retainer Client Seminar covers PIRA's latest views on global oil markets and European energy markets. Oil market coverage includes crude oil fundamentals and price forecasts, regional petroleum product markets, and the refining outlook. European energy market coverage includes specific trends in gas trade that will impact the fundamentals-to-price relationship, as well as an outlook for electricity, coal, and emissions markets.

Client Seminar

The Fairmont PalliserCalgary, AB T2P 2M3, Canada

This seminar covers global, North American, and Midcontinent oil markets; North American natural gas markets; and North American power, coal, and emissions markets. Special emphasis is devoted to the continued evolution of the North American crude transport infrastructure and its implications for crude movements and pricing.