PIRA's European Retainer Client Seminar - London

Held each spring in London, the European Retainer Client Seminar covers PIRA's latest views on global oil markets — including crude oil supply/demand and price differentials, regional petroleum product markets, and the refining outlook — and European energy markets — specific trends in gas trade that will impact the fundamentals-to-price relationship, as well as an outlook for electricity, coal, and emissions markets.

Next event: Tue-Wed, June 16-17, 2015



London Hilton Hotel

22 Park Lane London, W1K 1BE, England
Reservations: +44-20-7493-8000


The seminar is open to all PIRA European Natural Gas and European Electricity Retainer Clients, as well as Global Oil Retainer Clients with offices in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, or Asia-Pacific. Client companies are entitled to a set number of invitations, based on their subscription profile, at no fee. To participate in this event, each attendee must be a licensed user of one of the eligible retainer services.


Please register by the deadline of June 11th.


A block of rooms at the London Hilton Hotel has been set aside for your convenience. If you wish to stay at the hotel, you must make your own reservations. Please phone the hotel directly at +44-20-7493-8000 and request a room from the "PIRA Energy Group room block."

2015 Agenda
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The number of free attendees is determined by the size of the retainer package; additional attendees will be charged a fee.

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If you have questions or you encounter problems with the registration, please contact us at seminar@pira.com