Because PIRA is the undisputed worldwide leader in energy market analysis and intelligence

For over 35 years, PIRA Energy Group has provided the most comprehensive and independent fundamental market research, analysis and intelligence on energy markets in the world. PIRA’s expertise is in “knowing energy markets,” as evidenced by the fact we work with nearly every major energy company, refinery and commodity trading firm in the world. PIRA’s services are designed to provide a comprehensive evaluation of key U.S. and international energy issues that impact the behavior and performance of the industry and its various markets and sectors.

What distinguishes PIRA’s research from that of other consulting firms is its detailed analytical approach and its commercial orientation.  Through a PIRA retainer service, consultation is "evergreen," always updated and constantly improved. Retainer "deliverables" provide actionable information and insight.

Companies can also take advantage of the highly in-depth research and analysis provided through a PIRA multi-client study or client-customized consulting on a broad range of subjects in the global energy market.

What is the added value that PIRA provides?

  • Unrivaled Energy Expertise. Our senior consultants have a wide variety of backgrounds and deep industry expertise, providing the most comprehensive research, consulting services and multi-client analysis of supply/demand fundamentals and price movements in the world.
  • Independence. PIRA’s research is completely independent and not biased to any one side of the industry. We have clients in all sectors of business and all facets of the energy sector. We do not trade or invest in energy markets whatsoever. 
  • Broad Range of “Deliverables.”  PIRA’s Retainer clients receive regular reports, analysis of trends and market-making news, databases and data "portals," delivered via email, via PIRA Online, over the phone, or in person at private briefings and client seminars.
  • Long Time Horizon of Analysis. PIRA’s forecasts and analysis look ahead to both the short term (monthly, 1 to 18 months out), as well as the long term (annually through 2030). We also provide historical data going back to the 1980s.
  • Frequency of Reporting. PIRA provides daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly reports on the energy markets to keep clients updated on changing dynamics and price movements.
  • Unparalleled Client Support. PIRA’s client services and consultant staff is available via email, phone, WebEx conferences, and individual meetings to answer client questions and provide first-rate, personalized analytical support.
  • Energy Market Training. PIRA offers oil and gas market training programs to help new and mid-level managers, traders, and analysts better understand all the facets of the international oil and gas markets.
  • Multi-Client Studies. Such studies investigate subjects impacting the energy industry, uncovering new business opportunities and helping companies plan strategy in specific segments of the oil, gas, and electricity sectors.   
  • Project Consulting. PIRA can provide its expertise and knowledge towards custom work focusing on international oil, natural gas, coal, emissions, and electricity markets, on a project- and company-specific basis.

PIRA ENERGY GROUP -- Trusted. Transparent. Respected Worldwide.